How’s life!!??

Here’s the thing, we live in ultra-busy times…and mind you, our dearest friend ‘Life’ makes it even easier to stay connected to the ones we know!

Come on! I wasn’t the one who just replied to a week-old text, it was you! * duh* * rolls eyes* * fine, yeah, that was me*

So, for a change, yesterday, when my cousin texted me after an entire year, I decided to use my abandoned socialization skills and replied…which then led us to the most productive form of communication a.k.a. ‘The small talks’ a.k.a. ‘I don’t know what to say, so I’ll just blurt out random things to pretend like I am interested in talking to you, although I don’t really care’

So…as always, our small talk regime started with a casual, “Hey…so, how’s life!?”

* Phsshhh* * pffftt* * damn* * coughs to clear her throat*

So, ladies and gentlemen, THIS QUESTION!!


The sole reason behind my happening * not so happening* social life!!

“How’s life?”  Seriously!!

What…!? You think that I am overreacting?? Oh, hell no!!

Let me break things down for you!!

So, here’s the deal…I am a hundred percent sure that if we had an award for the most twisted question of all times, this question is going to sweep that off!

Whenever this evil question is thrown your way, you have three options…

Number 1: – Just plaster a smile on your face and defend with a, “Fine!!”

Now, if this was an honest answer in your case, then kudos to you… seriously!

But, if you are someone like me, who’s a so-called ‘adult’ but still doesn’t know a thing about what she’s doing with her life…then I am telling you, this answer will feel like a thousand swords cutting through your heart! * Ahem* * I am just too dramatic sometimes*

Number 2:- Now, just to avoid the trauma, and to put your savagery to use, if by any chance…by any wild chance, you even think of trying to lurk around the arena of honesty and give a shout out to the mess that your life is….then… all the best… because you aren’t stopping at a few savage come backs…Nope!

Get ready to cry your eyes out!!

Number 3: – And now, since you have been left with no other choice at all, there’s only one way to pull yourself out of this situation!!

* Cue dramatic music*

…. Take your phone…look at it for one last time…shed a tear… then throw it in the river and whistle away to your lonely life!

Because who cares about socialization…so mainstream!!

* holds back her tears*



70 thoughts on “How’s life!!??

  1. Ramyani Bhattacharya says:

    This question reminds me how pretentious the whole world is. This will be the exact first question and you are sure they don’t give a damn if you are alive or dead, which is amusing 😂😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ladyofthelakenc says:

    OMG! yes! I PM an old high school friend on Facebook. She told me all about riding horses and the things she and her husband were doing now. Then she asked me that question, “How are you doing?” and I answered honestly. If it had been a phone call there would have been crickets. As it was, she said “I’M sorry” and that is that. LOL

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    • Ms. Eager Beaver says:

      😂😂 Oh god! I went through a similar experience a while ago, but the painful part of the situation was that I wasn’t even on a call, I was actually hanging out with my friends.
      All of us ended up being awkward!🤣🤣


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