Hey! Hi there! How’s life!!?? * Saw what I did there* *wink wink*

So… this entire weekend, I was on a road trip * My amateur blogger-self forgot to take pictures* *awkward laugh* … and considering my love for travelling, I was super happy! If someone would have recorded a time lapse of my expressions during the trip, I swear, you could have counted all my teeth, because I was literally smiling my widest smile through those three hours!

But then… this happened….

I stop at a motel for some rest and some food *a.k.a love*. The place wasn’t that crowded, and the aroma of Indian flavors scented the air, hence, making sure that I end up ignoring the woman who was sitting beside me at my table!

She said, “Hi!” 
Her sudden friendly greeting took me by surprise and I almost flinched at the idea of any human interaction before stuffing my mouth with all the food there… but anyhow, I am a friendly person *self- proclaimed* so, I reciprocated her gesture…. and I seriously regretted that for the next 45 minutes of my life!! *not even an exaggeration* *sadly*

So, after I was done greeting her, I resumed with the task of fantasizing about my lovely betrothed *food*, innocently unaware of the storm that was about to hit me in my face!

This woman, she starts with a, “So, where are you from?”

A drop of sweat trickled down my back, my left eye twitched and my nails, literally, started dancing against the table wood…for… that question, screamed the situation that I got myself into!
I brushed away my anxiety and smiled as I blurted out the answer, making sure that I sound like a log of wood! *literally*

And then…there was silence…I sighed, relieved, I was sure that I escaped from my ultimate nightmare…
But… I had no idea of the danger lying ahead… *cue tense music*

A few moments later….

“I am from Delhi! “ said the woman, even friendlier than before!
“Oh! Cool! “ I replied, unexcited!
Woman:- My entire family lives in Delhi!
Me:- Oh! Nice! Delhi is a nice city! 
Woman:- Been there?
Me: – Yeah! A couple of times!
Woman:- Been to South Delhi?
Now… mind you, by this time my food was in front of me, and half of it was already in my mouth!! So, paying my due regards to the table manners, I simply nodded my head! And… 
In the next thirty minutes, I knew the exact procedure… accurate…. precise… that how, five years ago, her cousin’s brother’s friend’s sister attended her cousin’s wedding and she introduced that girl to another cousin of hers and now they are married and have a kid!
Trust me… I swear… I would have failed at life if that woman wouldn’t have told me that…but now… I believe in myself, for sure, I will be able to get my cousin married to my other cousin’s brother’s friend’s sister! *yess* *blessed life*





50 thoughts on “TMI… TMI!!

  1. Zealous Homo sapiens says:

    Hahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing all the way I read it!😂😂😂
    Though it sounds funny here, it surely must have been * torturous * there!🤣
    Great road trip there! Probably the most * memorable *one!😂
    By the way, I’ve been to Delhi a couple of times 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ms. Eager Beaver says:

      Hahaha! I am so glad that I could make you laugh, but seriously though, it was such a torture!
      But I will always remember this trip… after all, I learnt such a precious life skill of playing the match maker! At least, my cousin can get married now! *hahaha*
      *been to South Delhi?*
      *oh god ! this emoji crisis is such a struggle! * *sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Zealous Homo sapiens says:

        Oh lord!😂😂
        That lady must have been some gyaani in matching the kundalis and stuff!
        Do invite me in your cousin’s wedding, I would want to hear the back story from him!😂😂
        * sighs along *
        * but thinks that describing an emoji is more fun than using it *
        * places a reminiscent finger on her cheek *

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ms. Eager Beaver says:

        I am sure she was… But I am so glad that she decided not to share that gyaan with me! *hahaha*
        *writes her name in the list of invitees*
        *sigh sigh*
        *I agree, but I am always concerned about coming across as rude when I don’t add emojis*
        *bloats her cheeks* *haha*

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Huguette says:

    I hope you managed to know what they were wearing? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    You have a style in telling the story, funny and precise, love it! And I’m usually a nice person until my food gets cold 😂😂
    enjoy the trip and don’t be an amateur now, have some pictures for god sake 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ramyani Bhattacharya says:

    Omg you make me laugh like anything. Sure these people can be irritating. I had the *blessing* of the visit and time of one and it really was *fun* good luck to you btw for being successful in marrying your cousin’s sister to your other cousin’s brother’s friends or anything 😂😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ms. Eager Beaver says:

      Hahaha! I am so glad that I could make you laugh! Honestly, these people are irritating for sure, but I am still fine while they talk about themselves…. the real struggle is when they initiate topics of their relative’s relative’s relatives! *hahahahahah*
      And I am still trying to improve my match-making muscles…I need to master my lessons before I go for the final proposal! *hahaha*
      *I don’t know if I told this to you before, but emojis don’t work on my device* *awkward laugh because she might be saying this the millionth time*


  4. Ms. Eager Beaver says:

    Hey! I am so glad that I could make you laugh!☺️
    I know…. The situation with taxi drivers is at a whole new level!😂😂
    I am sorry for the late response, your comment got spammed automatically and I am still new to blogging so I had no idea that this could happen!😅😅


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