No!! I haven’t been MIA!! It’s you….duh!!

Okay...okay... before you guys literally toss a slipper across your phone and it lands on my face...* Pretends like she's not scared* Let me just quickly apologize for being a terrible blogger and ghosting all of you! *Trust me I didn't mean to! * *Hehe * *awkward laugh* Here's the thing right... I often say … Continue reading No!! I haven’t been MIA!! It’s you….duh!!

Versatile Blogger Award!! Second nomination!!

Okay...I am going to be honest, I don't have the wildest idea about how to start this post...Seriously, right now, I am, literally, just staring at my screen, in awe of the amazing love and support that I have been receiving from the talented and amazing blogging community.┬áSince I am at it, I would like … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award!! Second nomination!!