Hey! Hi there! How’s life!!?? * Saw what I did there* *wink wink* So... this entire weekend, I was on a road trip * My amateur blogger-self forgot to take pictures* *awkward laugh* … and considering my love for travelling, I was super happy! If someone would have recorded a time lapse of my expressions during the … Continue reading TMI… TMI!!


So... Here’s the tea right! I am single! Actually.... I am too single! No... Actually, I am too single for comfort!! *Calm down girl, calm down* But you know what, that's not the funniest part either. The most amusing *torturous* part is the fact that every person, literally, every single person that I know, is … Continue reading Ahem….!!


Well, I created my blog this morning and since then I have been staring at a blank page. Seriously... Thinking of your first post idea is a struggle and a half. This is the time when your inner procrastinator joins hands with your inner perfectionist to start singing to the tunes of "I'll write it … Continue reading How…?